You are not that good, keep learning

Tools make it easier

While talking to some people that has been programming for quite some years now, I have seen that after about ~4 years of experience, a lot of people think that they should already be considered top notch programmers, they don't want to learn (nor think they need) the new technologies / tendencies that are ever-changing in this industry.

You might be able to solve whatever problem / requirement you are faced against when creating your next piece of art of code with whatever you already know, this doesn't necessarily mean that there is no better or faster way to do it. Better is not always needed (assuming that "better" is a more optimized/performant code), it is always nice to have, however, FAST is something you (and your clients) will be most grateful for. Now, it's not that having good (better) code is not always is and it even leaves you a better taste in your mouth after you are done with it but applications / systems are meant to satisfy a need for people at some point in time...if your customer needs something for the next semester so his company can plan ahead for an important event, he has no use for the system 1 year from now. say you can meet any deadline with the knowledge of tools you already have ? It might be the about if you could get done with the functionality in half the time? You could give a much more polished product to your customer.

I have seen many under-developed applications, with obvious performance / code maintainability problems. Clients hardly care about it if the system is handled in time (or almost in time...because you know, we are very bad at estimating efforts and delivery dates) and satifies his/her needs. Plenty of times this is because you resort to using whatever you already know about, which is okay ... but why haven't you learned anything since you last learned technology 4 years ago? Technology evolves, it even moves too fast at times to keep up to pace with it, whatever was an awful idea some years ago could be an awesome idea now (see javascript! V8 revolutionized it to the point where it is widely used on the server now!).

So put away your programmer's ego and realize that what you are doing can be done better and faster most of the times, check for new stuff from time to time and experiment with them and see if they can help you be a better programmer.

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