Campus Party IoT workshop IoT dimmer light workshop

We have an event in Mexico every year called Campus Party, which tries to get the graduates involved with tech companies. In 2015, my team went to give an IoT workshop on how to create a dimmer light. The content of the workshop and the code is publicly available.

Math Shooting Math game for android

An android math game I created for android. It's a good brain workout for those idle times you have during a day(such as riding the bus or waiting for someone! ).

tween-engine-dart A dart port of the original java Universal Tween Engine created by Aurelien Ribbon.

My first involvement with the dart programming language. The Universal Tween Engine enables the interpolation of every attribute from any object in any dart project (server or client side). Tweens are 'fire and forget'

glib A libgdx-alike webgl engine written in dart

My second experiment to get deep into dart was migrating part of the libgdx framework to dart. There's still a lot to cover(such as finding a good name for it!) and I keep working on it from time to time.

pathfinding Java pathfinding framework

A small library created to speed up my pathfinding needs using libgdx. It has 0 dependencies so it works in with any other java game engine/framework.

Shifting islands entry for #1GAM january 2014

A game written in java using the libgdx framework. It was created as a 2014's january entry for the #1GAM game jam, the theme was respawn. This was coded in about 1 week